Lac du Mâle (Gouin Reservoir)

May to June : 12° à 22° C
July to August : 15° à 25° C
September : 10° à 18° C

Lures suggestions


Medium rod and reel, Thin Finn, Hot’n Tot, Cotton Cordell, various jigs styles and colors (yellow, orange, black, etc.), Nils Master, Spinerbait with a red tail (Firetail), etc.
Fishing Line: 6 to 10 lb test


Steel leader, Dare Devil, red & white, Williams, Rapala (Husky Jerk), Mepps Spinners, etc.
Fishing Line: 6 to 10 lb test

Speckled Trout

Bob-It, Mepps, Lake Clear, Toronto Wobler, Lucky Strike

Arms suggestions : Moose hunting

270, 308, 30-06, 300 mag., 7 mm mag.

Topo maps

Lac du Mâle (Gouin Reservoir) : 32-B/11
Jesmer: 31-O/11
Tibériade: 31-O/9
Les As de Parent: 32-B/2