Air Mont-Laurier, a dynamic bush air carrier and outfitting operation, is in perpetual motion aimed at development and innovation.

This trait emanates from our President's personality, whatever he has achieved, he's still not completely satisfied. Consolidate operations, expand the scope of business and retain existing assets are key elements always featured in our update of business plans.

The Province of Québec is an extraordinary multi-resources territory, where it is possible to harmonize outdoor activities, hunting and fishing with the purpose of other concerns in the field of forestry, mining and water. It's a daunting challenge, but one that can be mastered nonetheless.

The diversity of our eight seaplane fleet enables us to cater to a clientele of fishermen and hunters while, at the same time, transport numerous workers and native communitys. Our staff prioritizes a heartfelt approach and is mainly concerned with having you reach your destination comfortably, safely and on time.

Our manifold outfitters offer is far from trivial. At journey's end, enjoyment is still on the agenda in one of our five outfitting facilities in the midst of woodland. Imagine, when you contact our reservation centre, you get the opportunity to plan a fishing trip to catch walleye, pike and speckled trout, or chart a moose hunting expedition on an exclusive territory at less than one hour flying time.

Deep down, we are adventurous, this characteristic has propelled us to open outfitting facilities in the James Bay region, the Great North being the place to capture speckled trout and giant lake charr. As for caribou hunting… we get you organized, we fly you over and we lead you to one of our eight well-designed hunting sites.

Workers at remote work sites are not at a loss, we have always been ready to lend a friendly hand. Our seaplane bases are set up to store and fly all the equipment they require to perform a job.

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